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Mango Media excels as corporate video production specialists, committed to crafting polished, impactful content that aligns seamlessly with your corporate identity. With our expertise, we transform your messages into compelling visual stories, ensuring your brand excels in the corporate landscape.

At Mango Media, we are event video production specialists, dedicated to capturing the essence of your events with cinematic finesse.

Our Corporate Videos

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Why Us?

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Fixed Pricing

At Mango Media we offer fixed-pricing guaranteeing clients affordability and peace of mind. This means that you never pay a cent over budget, fostering trust and simplicity in every single project.

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Our amazing team is solution-focused. Our commitment to delivering tangible outcomes ensures your goals are not just met but exceeded. We thrive on finding creative solutions that drive success for your projects.

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No Hidden Fees

At Mango Media, we're committed to transparency. No hidden fees or surprises - just straightforward pricing, meaning you can focus on creating exceptional content to elevate your brand image.

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360 Degree Service

We offer a 360-degree content service. From concept development to script writing, production to post-production, we've got all your video, photo, animation and graphic needs covered under one roof.

The results

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Why should I work with Mango Media?
How much input do you require from me?
How can I be sure I'll be happy with your services? 
How long does it take to make a video with Mango Media?
What are the steps in producing a video with Mango Media?
How long should my video be?
What type of video services do you offer?
Do you source voiceovers and music?
Are there any industries or businesses that you mostly work with?
Can you add subtitles and graphics to the videos?
Can you create several short videos from one main video?
How will you send me my content? Will it be kept on file?
How much do your video services cost?
What are you standard payment terms?
Will there be further costs after the initial quote?
Can you issue me a ballpark quote for my project?
I hate being on camera. Do you’ve any advice for this?
How do you hire a good video production agency?
Why is video so important in today’s day and age?
Am I expected to know exactly what I want before contacting a video agency?

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