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Mango Media is a Dublin-based video agency specialising in visual storytelling for ambitious brands. From corporate videos to advertisements, we make results-driven videos designed to elevate your brand image. 

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Leading review platforms such as rate Mango Media as Ireland’s top video production agency. The independent client reviews below suggest why.

Mango Media stood out for the calm and positive influence they had on set. They delivered results beyond expectations and were easy to work with.

Sinead Crowther
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Mango Media delivered the expectations in terms of both artistry and management, bringing a unique creative vision to elevate the final product.

Clay Johnson
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As expected, Mango Media's project achieved great engagement across our socials. Bleeper felt as if there was no problem that couldn't be solved.

Kevin Sharkey
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A few things clients ask us ☝️️️

Why should I work with Mango Media?

At Mango Media, we offer a high-end service that is largely solution-focused. We establish what problem the video seeks to solve, and strive to produce a value-orientated product as a result. This so called problem may relate to brand awareness, recruitment, sales, product explanation, etc.

How much input do you require from me?

This varies depending on how involved you want to be. We love working alongside our clients with a very team-orientated dynamic at play. However, if you want minimum involvement, all we need from you is a rough brief of what you want. In some cases, we may require a script from you, which can even be bullet points of what you want to cover, which will then be expanded upon by our copywriter, thereafter. In a nutshell, we will need some form of involvement from you or a team member, but this can be kept to an absolute minimum if needs be.

How can I be sure I’ll be happy with your services?

We offer a fixed-pricing strategy, meaning that our work is not done until you’re delighted with your video. Of course, this is subject to our terms and conditions, which you can review here.

How long does it take to develop a video with Mango Media?

Believe it or not, but many a’ clients have called us magicians... even leprechauns, in some cases. We have planned, shot, and edited masterpieces in a matter of days when a client has needed a video solution asap. If you are reading this and currently find yourself in that situation, email us - we can and want to help you.

What steps are involved in making a video?

Making a video involves three major steps: preproduction, production, and post-production. In the preproduction stage, we like to meet with our client and truly understand what problem the videos needs to solve. This involves a briefing, several meetings, and the composition of a detailed shotlist. In the production phase, the video is filmed according to the plan laid in the preproduction phase. Finally, in the post-production phase, the video is brought to the editing room, where the video is sequenced, edited, and colour graded, with other elements such as music and sound design applied there too. Finally, the video is sent to the client for feedback, and any desired changes are then implemented. This process repeats until the clients is happy with their final product.

How long should my video be?

Video length varies massively depending on the distribution platform. For example, videos on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram should be kept short, engaging, and to the point, while platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn being more lenient with time. If your video is for your website, the optimum time is 30 to 60 seconds, with greater flexibility seen in B2B contexts. Pitch or presentation videos, on the other hand, offer great flexibility, with many ranging between a comfortable 3 and 5 minutes. All aforementioned points all depend on your video objective, however, as video lengths will vary depending on what problem you’re looking to solve. For example, a brand commercial will inevitably be longer than a crowdfunding video.

What type of video solutions do you offer?

We offer a wide range of content solutions which include: advertisements, corporate videos, explainers, recruitment videos, social media content, interview and testimonial videos, drone, and event videos.

Do you source voiceovers and music?

Absolutely. We our a one-stop video agency, meaning that we can see to all elements of the video’s production from start to finish. If it’s the case that you want a certain song or voiceover artist, we can help with this arrangement, too.

Are there certain industries which you mostly serve?

Our passion is in the details of making your video pop, and your customers’ jaw drop! We love making videos, regardless of the industry or company which we’re making them for. This is why our portfolio extends from clothing brands, to technology companies, to food businesses, to innovative sports products - we just love making videos!

Can you add subtitles and graphics to your videos?

Our in-house team of creatives have extensive experience in video production - adding subtitles or graphics are as easy as pie for them!

Can you create several short videos from one main video?

The simple answer is yes. The not so simple answer, is that it depends on the video. If the main video is already really short, it’s harder to create a series of distinct videos from it. Our best advice is to reach and talk to us about your project. We can advise on best practice to ensure your content is flexible enough to create other videos from it.

How will you send me my content? Will it be kept on file?

We take pride in keeping all our files tidy and organised for our clients. When you work with us, we’ll store all your raw footage, exports, photos, invoices etc. in a neat and tidy folder system on Google Drive. You will have full access to this folder, so that all your content is accessible when and where you want it.

How much does a video solution cost?

Pricing generally boils down to two things: the complexity of the production, and the quantity of content you desire. A television advertisement, for example, is inevitably going to render greater overheads compared to the development of one short social media video. However, if you require 100 of those short social media videos, you’ll notice that the costs start to become more aligned. It’s part of our job to quote clients for our video solutions. Please don’t feel awkward reaching out and asking how much your project will cost!

What are your standard payment terms?

All invoices are issued in full once the project is complete. In cases where the project cost is in excess of €5,000 ex VAT, we require a 20% downpayment in advance of the shoot.

Will there be further costs after the initial quote?

Our work is not complete until you’re happy with your content. Thus, we will do as much as we can to edit your video to your liking. However, If you want to re-edit something entirely new, or reshoot any aspect of your video, this will come at a cost. Transparency is critical to any relationship. We will do our absolute best to keep costs at a minimum for you, and if further costs are required, we will inform you of this in advance.

Can you issue me a ballpark quote for my project?

Ballpark quotes are amazing. Thankfully, we’re great at giving them. Almost all ballpark quotes we issue to clients remain within that ballpark, meaning that you can get the piece of mind you deserve when deciding whether to work with us.

I hate being on camera. Do you’ve any advice for this?

We take pride in the relationships we create with our clients. Thus, it is our mission to make you feel as comfortable around us as possible, even if Sean has to crack one of his painfully bad ‘Dad jokes’ to achieve this. We also use a ton of amazing gear to make you look your best, and use a teleprompter on occasion to make you sound your best, too. Still, it’s always good to do a bit of prep work yourself before being filmed. With that being said, check out this article on becoming more comfortable on camera, beforehand.

How do you hire a good video production company?

Before contracting an agency, ask them how much they’ll charge you for a video similar to the one you want developed. If their ballpark quote is within your price range, filter through their videos to see whether the quality of their portfolio is on par with the reference video you sent them. If it’s not, our advice is to continue your search for an agency that aligns with your desired quality and price.

Why is video so important in today’s day and age?

Noel is an amazing dude who writes all our blogs at Mango Media. He recently wrote an article that details 77 video production statistics you need to know in 2023. You can check this article out here.

Am I expected to know exactly what I want from you?

No! Once we know your business goals and the hurdles you’re experiencing, we can suggest how our videos solutions may assist you.

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