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20 Places to Post Your Video Today's Digital World
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20 Places to Post Your Video Today's Digital World

So, you finally have your video. It looks amazing, but what now? Years ago, videos were made by just few people and were only available to watch on a couple of different platforms. However, now that is most certainly not the case. Today, businesses set goals to implement and utilise their video content in the most effective way. The rapid growth of technology and software increases the number of video sources, enabling businesses to distribute their videos over countless video hosting sites, which empowers them to reach a wider audience than ever before.

Firstly, you need to choose and plan the places where customers will be able to access your video. Choosing the video hosting sites that best correlates with your goals helps to develop your video marketing strategy. There are countless platforms online that provide internet real estate for your videos. They provide numerous services to help you receive the best result. These include: Customisation options which allows you to personalise your videos; analytical tools, so that you can see your video’s performance; engagement tools which strengthen relationships with the customer, and many more.

86% of marketers say that videos have helped them to increase traffic to their website. Do you want to use your video to increase traffic to your website, too? Video Content is a powerhouse when it comes to attracting all sorts of new customers. Whatever your aim is, this article will assist you in finding the best platforms tailored to your needs.

1.) Your website

Your website should be the first place you upload your videos to. Having videos on your website increases dwell time. Posting a video describing your company, and your services on the home page of your website, is recommended. If you haven’t already, consider creating a section dedicated to your video content. This has many benefits, such as letting consumers locate, browse and watch your videos with ease. Simply having video on your website also increases your SEO significantly!

2.) Facebook

Being the most popular social media platform, Facebook offers fantastic benefits in video marketing. Facebook allows users to post videos easily onto the site. Facebook’s biggest advantage over its competitors is that videos can be as long as 240 minutes. This may be preferable to a business looking to post longer pitch and presentation type videos. Its colossal user base helps your video reach plenty of people. Facebook also has the embed feature, which allows you to play your Facebook videos effortlessly on your own website. Moreover, using Facebook Ads, you can ensure that your video reaches your target market as you can specify what demographics in what locations you want to target.

3.) YouTube

With over 100 million daily users, YouTube is a number one choice for individuals and businesses who want to get their content out to the masses. YouTube kills 2 birds with 1 stone, as it is owned by Google. This means that your videos rank higher in search results when they’re uploaded to YouTube. YouTube also allows users to monetise their videos; provides amazing video analytics; and has a live-streaming and video premiere option. YouTube's audience needs you to keep them engaged with daily or weekly scheduled videos, though, which can be a pro or con, depending on what content your distributing. The video tags feature can also help get your video to more people’s feed.

4.) Instagram Posts

Instagram is the third most popular social media platform for publishing your video content, after Facebook and YouTube. Videos are preferred over idle posts by the Instagram algorithm - this gives you an advantage over competitors using picture posts. Instagram also has great engagement tools, which as we mentioned before, helps strengthen the relationship with the customer. The downside of posting traditional Instagram videos is the length limit. In-feed video posts can only be up to 1 minute long, however, another feature - IGTV - resolves this issue.

5.) IGTV

IGTV is an Instagram feature that lets users upload videos that are up to 1 hour long. When you upload an IGTV video, a preview of 1 minute will be posted into your feed, allowing users to click into IGTV to watch the entire video if they wish to. However, if your video is shorter than 30 seconds, Instagram has another feature that is right for you.

6.) Instagram Stories

Stories on Instagram allow users to let others know about their status and engage with their followers. They are a key part of communication with customers. Stories have several options such as polls and questionnaires that allow people or businesses to instantly gain feedback on their product or service. Instagram business accounts have the option of running Instagram story ads, which lets your videos reach the specific people you want. Stories are best for posting short and concise videos. The downsides of Instagram Stories include the fact that the maximum length is 15 seconds and it also has vertical formatting, limiting a wider video.

7.) TikTok

TikTok has greatly risen in popularity in recent years. It is mostly used by teenagers and young adults. Content on TikTok tends to be fun and whimsical, made by people who are just expressing themselves in creative ways. The key to success on TikTok is authenticity and transparency. TikTok is notorious for launching people into stardom overnight as its algorithm simplifies getting views. There are many influencers on the platform that have a big following - this makes it easy for businesses to find individuals that are suited to promote their specific product. TikTok also allows companies to place different kinds of ads on the app.

8.) LinkedIn

LinkedIn video is one place that is actively growing in popularity among viewers. Uploading videos on LinkedIn will advance your professional brand image. LinkedIn users are professionals that want to build relationships and learn about your story; use your videos on this platform to portray the story of your brand in the best way possible. LinkedIn has a video length limit of 10 minutes, so it is not ideal for longer presentation-type videos. Quality is crucial on this platform as it illustrates your professionalism, so hiring a video production agency can ensure that your video is polished.

9.) LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are places where people and businesses can find specific communities to build relationships and grow their brand. LinkedIn Groups work on the basis of the connection between the group members. Introduce and explain why you joined a specific group and reply with relevant answers to active members. Using videos in LinkedIn Groups is a great way for others to understand your value and recognise your skills and professionalism. However, posting excessive promotional material without engaging within group discussions isn’t the best route. In summary, post your videos on this platform if your goal is to build new business relationships.

10.) Twitter

Twitter is one of the social media platforms that requires regular attention and frequent engagement for success. Like most platforms, there are benefits of publishing your videos on Twitter. Videos play automatically on Twitter, which grabs the attention of users that are scrolling through their feed. The max video length on Twitter is 2 minutes and 20 seconds, so videos that are straight-forward with striking visuals work best.

11.) Reddit

Reddit is a platform that is not utilised by many video marketers. It consists of small topics and communities where people share their thoughts, opinions, stories, projects...the list goes on. Users can choose to upvote or downvote a thread, which determines how many people see it. Reddit is a tricky place for marketers, as users dislike people who constantly post self-promotional content or are only there for personal gain. The key to using Reddit marketing efficiently is authenticity. Take time to be part of the community and participate in conversations frequently. Once you engage in a genuine way while occasionally posting your videos, results will start showing fast.

12.) TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is mostly for businesses with a physical location such as bars, restaurants, and hotels. It is used by people to find the best travel destinations, restaurants, make bookings and compare prices. Most people on this site are tourists, opportunists, and people who may not be familiar with a certain area. The platform has a global reach, with 460 million visitors each month. Videos showcasing your location will do best to attract customers. You also receive first-hand reviews from customers which can be used for business improvements.

13.) Pinterest

Video Pins on Pinterest have the same “auto play” feature as Twitter, the video plays when users scroll past it, grabbing their attention. Pinterest is where people go when they start a new project and are looking for inspiration and ideas. Customers can pin videos to their own boards if they wish to come back to it. Creative and imaginative videos that inspire people work best on Pinterest. Educational content that teaches in an artistic way shines on this platform. Most Pinterest users scroll with the volume muted, so using subtitles and text overlays in your video is highly recommended.

14.) Marketing e-mails

Lots of people believe that e-mail marketing is a lost cause, however, this is most definitely not the case. According to HubSpot, the majority of consumers prefer receiving updates from brands through e-mails. Integrating your videos into your email marketing strategy may be the key to convincing your consumers to try your product or service. Videos in marketing e-mails can be informational ones, that let consumers know about upcoming events, product launches or any other news. If your aim is to inform your customer about a change or an update, then video email marketing is your way to go.

15.) Crowdfunding Campaigns

In 2020, the global crowdfunding revenue was estimated to be around €17.2 billion. This is expected to double by 2026. Kickstarter is probably the most popular fundraising platform, others include: Indiegogo, Patreon and GoFundMe. Video is a perfect tool for crowdfunding and it is a must-have in your campaign. It is the ideal way of telling an engaging story, and telling your story is the key to successful Crowdfunding videos. Your business theme should be the foundation of your video and it should explain your products story and development process. This will allow people to learn about what your brand is all about.

16.) Presentations

We don’t see videos being used in presentations often... don’t make the common mistake of missing this opportunity. Adding videos to your presentations will certainly make them more effective and persuasive. Mixing up verbal speech with video ensures that you keep your audience’s attention without boring them. Insert your video into your PowerPoint to keep it neat and professional, and avoid the hassle of opening it separately in another program.

17.) Events

Using videos at Events is a great way to keep attendants engaged and entertained. It is also another method of reaching more people. Video can be used at and with events in different ways. Using videos pre-event, on-site and post-event secures many benefits. Posting videos about upcoming events, videos showcasing a past event and looping a short clip at a trade show are all methods of utilising video in event marketing.

18.) Recruitment websites

Employees are one of the biggest assets of a company, and it is crucial that businesses make this clear when looking to recruit new members. Video will distinctly ameliorate your hiring process. It reaches more candidates, which results in a higher number of applicants that may be suited for the job. It communicates to candidates about the type of atmosphere that they will potentially be working in. Using video in recruitment has all these perks, which should be recognised and utilised by more businesses.

19.) Blogs and Articles

Using videos along with blogs and articles, either on your page or an external website, can make them more engaging for your readers. Is your blog topic very visual? If the answer is yes, then maybe it is a good idea to add a video. Don’t forget to let the readers know that there is a video available for them to watch. Many websites make this mistake which causes readers to miss the video.

20.) Investor Pitches

When pitching for investment to companies such as Enterprise Ireland or Angel Investment, it is important to make a good impression and stand out from the crowd. Video pitches let you stand out from the majority of start-ups that use PowerPoint and PDF pitches. Prepare an informative script which gets straight to the point without wasting time. Use video pitches to your advantage by adding graphics and visuals. End your video with a Call to Action, to encourage potential investors to act.


There are many places that you can publish your video, but it all comes down to your business's unique goals. Try experimenting with the different platforms and see what works and what doesn’t. We hope this article has helped you to find the perfect place (or places!) to post your video, so that it reaches all the people that would enjoy it.

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