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Your Business Needs a Corporate Video. Here's Why!
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Your business needs a corporate video. Here's why:

Many businesses know that videos are a great way to enhance their marketing strategy, but don’t know much about them.

What are corporate videos?

“Corporate video” is an umbrella term for several more distinct types of videos that can be utilised by your business. However, the basic idea behind a corporate video is to increase brand awareness. Letting people know about your product or service is the skeleton or backbone of a business’s marketing strategy.

Posting videos are undoubtedly one of the top methods of achieving your desired level of brand awareness. A corporate video is a game changer when it comes to attracting customers to your product and making them return to your company in the future. They provide people with a reason to spend longer on your website which generates more traffic.

When done right, corporate videos perfectly encapsulate the values of a brand, the products and services they offer, the message they want to share, and any other relevant details in a single video. They strengthen the trust and relationship between a business and its customers.

Why do you need a corporate video?

The main benefit that most companies hope to gain from a corporate video is increased brand awareness. However, there any many more overlooked benefits of corporate videos that we will go over now.

Rather than plainly trying to sell your product or service, by using videos you can entertain and convince your customers why they should buy them. Businesses are starting to tell stories and consumers are loving them.

In today's world, online shopping is rapidly increasing in popularity, however, the lack of human interaction causes issues and unanswered questions which leads to confusion. A good corporate video solves this problem by building trust and giving information effectively.

Videos allow brands to outline their strengths, much more than any other medium of advertisement. It is an obvious upgrade from reading plain text and looking at boring still images. Videos also help you rank higher in search engines. Search engines such as Google favour websites with videos, as they are aware of how useful and convenient they are to users.

What goes into making a corporate video?

Making a high-quality corporate video that tailors to your needs is not easy. It requires precise planning, expertise, and the right tools: This is where a video production team comes in. Partnering with a video production company ensures that your final video will be exactly like you imagined. You can read about the many advantages of working with a video production company in our article, below:

The first step in making anything good is planning. When making a corporate video, planning is crucial to the overall outcome of the video. Discuss with your Video Production partner about the things you want your video to cover and make a list of the different elements you want to incorporate into it.

Once you have a solid layout, you can start working on your individual elements. A good script is key to keeping the viewer engaged and carrying across your message. Reasonably short scripts with quick and easily digestible phrases are the best for corporate videos. Make sure that your script has a steady pace, and that it starts with an engaging hook and ends appropriately.

A video is mainly about visuals, and matching your script with suitable clips makes your video flow smoothly. Working with your Video production company, you can brainstorm ideas for scenes that capture the essence of your company. Shoot scenes that you know will appeal to your audience and connect with them.  Tell an intriguing story rather than bombarding them with information, and focus on how your product or service is beneficial for your customer.

Once you have a good idea of what you want your video to be, the next step is to actually shoot the scenes. Your video doesn’t have to be extremely flashy and extravagant, but production quality does matter. Video companies have the latest video equipment that we can utilise to make your video the best it can be.

Once the scenes are filmed, the post-production is completed within a short span of time. You can suggest any changes to your video and once you have a version that you are happy with, you can publish it on the various platforms that your business is active on. For tips on the best places to post your videos, read our article, below:

What are the benefits of corporate videos?

Your SEO is drastically improved by videos:

As we mentioned earlier, search engines such as Google love to cater good videos to users. Corporate videos are a key player in gaining more traffic to your website. Marketers are recognising the growth of video over the last several years and realise its major advantage as an effective SEO tool. Rather than relying on long blogs and streams of text, why not just watch a short video explaining the same topics more efficiently.

Videos make information easy to take in:

Articles, blogs, presentations, etc., can be as rich with information as videos. However, when it comes to the execution and delivery of this information, videos have a way bigger advantage. Whether, it's your consumers or employees, possible investors or business partners, your audience will be able to digest information more easily with the visuals and other engaging components of a video than a block of text.

Video sharing rapidly increases your brand awareness:

Video sharing is one of the strongest forms of engagement on social media, as when videos are shared, they reach a wider range of viewers than it they would otherwise.  Brand awareness increases greatly when users share content. When someone sees a short video that they enjoyed, they will be enticed to share it with others. Each person who shares your video, has their own group of followers that may also share your video. This cycle of reposting content is healthy for improving your presence online, and letting more people know about your product or service.

Videos help to build a connection with your audience:

Videos are basically like a crossroads between your company and your consumers. Your audience can learn more about your business, while at the same time, you can connect with and understand them better. They allow your audience to see your product or service without actually having to buy them. It is important that your video is unique to your company. Businesses often make the mistake of following someone else's template which can get boring and repetitive for the viewer. Your brand’s style and personality is a crucial deciding factor for a customer deciding whether or not to buy your product.


In summary, from brand awareness and engagement to SEO and site traffic, videos effectively hit every part of a solid marketing strategy. A corporate video will undoubtedly help your business immensely to reach its next goal. We hope you found this article helpful and improved your understanding of corporate videos.

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