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How to Reach Gen Z in Today's Digital World
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How to Reach Gen Z in Today's Digital World

When you’re marketing your product, it’s important to know about the people you are marketing to. Marketing to Gen Z can seem scary and difficult, but in reality, getting through to this generation can be achieved by using a few different key components.

First of all, who are Gen Z?

People born between the years 1996 and 2010 belong to this generation. Gen Zers grew up in a world of technology and have been exposed to it from a very young age. They use technology for social interaction, information, entertainment, and many other things that older generations would have gained from other sources.

Gen Zers believe that higher education is important and they are more likely to pursue college more than any other previous generation. They are progressive and innovative people who strive to achieve social equality. They see diversity as a benefit to society and accept and support people of different cultures, sexual orientation and races.

Now that you know more about Gen Z, how do you use this information for effective marketing? Keep reading to find out our tips to reach Gen Z correctly and effectively.

Publish your content on relevant platforms

The first step in reaching Gen Z with your video content, is being aware of where they spend their time on the internet. You can use this info to publish your video on the platform where it will reach the most people.

YouTube is the most popular video platform among Gen Zers. According to a study by Google, Gen Z says that YouTube is the No. 1 platform that they use to relieve stress or cheer up. According to a recent Pew Research study, 85% of teenagers use YouTube daily. Instagram and TikTok are also rapidly growing in popularity, with majority of young people using these apps.

The popularity of these video platforms among Gen Z tells us that teens love video content, which is absolutely amazing news for video marketers. However, your video needs a few more ingredients to ensure that it is effective.

Keep your videos fresh and genuine

Authenticity is the practice of being true to your brand and presenting yourself as genuine and sincere. Building and maintaining trust with your audience, requires you to be authentic.

Gen Z values authenticity and meaningful connections and interactions. Focus on building your video to communicate your message to them in a relatable way. They are familiar with technology and can spot misinformation fast.

Gen Z enjoys content created by real people that talk genuinely, hence why new influencers are emerging every day. To relate with them, you need to make sure that you are candid and open about your goal. You’ll engage with Gen Z easily when your content is honest.

You can make your video authentic using your own actions as well. The way you talk, your posture, and gestures all play a role in being authentic. To find out more, check out our article:  6 Tips for Becoming more Comfortable on Camera.

Keep your videos short, but spectacular

The concept of “Quality over Quantity” really applies to videos. Posting too much content can get irritating and boring, which eventually leads to people unfollowing your page.

The quality of your video is crucial in enabling it to be seen by more people. When your video is shared, it reaches a wider audience. Gen Zers are highly likely to share videos that appeal to them. But how can you make a high-quality video that’s attractive and more enjoyable?

Keep it short, and to the point. Gen Z has an attention span of around 8 seconds, which is shorter than any other generation. This means that every moment counts when marketing to them. Leave out any unnecessary details and scenes. Make sure the first 8 seconds of your video captures their attention.

The content of your video matters equally to its length. Use eye-catching scenes and visuals. Showcase your product in a cool way and integrate swift transitions between your shots. Use catchy music that fits your product and the theme of your video.

Recognise global issues and different cultures

Gen Z is the most culturally diverse generation so far. Almost, half of its members are part of racial or ethnic minorities. They want brands to understand and support them. They lean towards using brands that respect them.

Gen Zers love when diversity is represented in media. Assure that your brand is aware of cultural topics, learn about recent events and be conscious of how different decisions and changes can affect people from different cultural groups. Promote diversity in your content and communicate with members of different groups about what’s happening. This gives you the ability to produce video content that correlates with people that have a variety of different backgrounds.

Gen Z is constantly trying to abolish the social and environmental problems in the world that may affect their future negatively. Consequently, they admire companies that utilise their brand to contribute to the efforts towards positive change. In order to engage Gen Zers, demonstrate your company’s values and outline how you contribute to the movement.

Engage frequently and embrace feedback

Gen Zers are vocal about their opinion, and they will undoubtedly provide you with criticism. According to TrustPilot, 89% of customers read reviews before purchasing a product. This clearly reflects how important it is to embrace customer feedback and incorporate it into your next content and product.

Use the engagement tools available to you to your advantage. Gen Zers use the comment section of your content to leave criticism. Read comments under your video and embrace feedback. Reply to as many people as possible. Gen Z appreciates when there is positive interaction between the company and the customer. The interaction increases the number of positive comments.

This cycle is an effective way to strengthen your relationship with followers. It also helps build your reputation online, where Gen Z spend more than 25% of their full day.


Gen Zers are the true digital natives, as they haven’t known a world without smartphones, social media and the internet. To successfully market to this generation, assure that your company publishes its video content on platforms that are frequently used by Gen Z.

Keep your content genuine. Authenticity is one of the major factors in connecting with Gen Z and all other generations. Keep your videos short and concise as Gen Zers tend to skip over content that doesn’t immediately pique their interest. Make sure your video is high quality with appealing visuals.

Be aware of the current cultural events, as nearly 50% of Gen Z are non-white. They strive to change the world for the better, show how your company is helping to solve global issues. Engage regularly with them through comments and other tools available and apply customer feedback to improve your brand and online presence.

I hope this article has helped you understand more about Gen Z and by implementing these methods into your video marketing strategy you reach them in a powerful way.

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